Why CeramicSpeed?

We Make Bearings like No Other

Road and laboratory tests prove that CeramicSpeed Bearings last between three and five times longer than other ceramic bearings on the market. This is due to the choice of raw materials and the precision of our bearings.

Every part has been specifically chosen and scrupulously developed in order to create a product of the highest possible quality and longevity.

A top speed increased with minimum of 5 km/h and up to 8 km/h speaks for itself. In motorsport, this can make the difference between winning and losing.

No matter if it's road bikes, speedway bikes or cars, we are committed to manufacturing and delivering the best ceramic bearing products in the industry. And by best, we mean long lifetime, low friction and unmatched performance.

  • A Swedish Road Racing team increased the top speed with minimum 5 km/h and up to 8 km/h.
  • After upgrading to CeramicSpeed, a British Superbike team learned about the benefits of CeramicSpeed Bearings when they realized they had to start braking earlier than they used to.
  • A Danish Speedway team experienced a doubling in the service life of the bearings used on their bikes.