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Motor Bearing Upgrades

CeramicSpeed Bearings are ideally suited for the high-end range of electrical motors. Fitted with premium quality Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls – twice as hard, and four times smoother than steel – these bearings make a huge difference in the motor.

The extremely low friction coefficient in the bearings reduces the bearing temperature, and as a result, reduces power consumption in the motor.

This leads to improved motor performance, resulting in victories for CeramicSpeed at several worldwide efficiency competitions.

Ultra Fast Optimization Chains

Reduce chain friction with UFO Chains

Wheel Hubs and Chain Friction

The same efficiency can be achieved by applying CeramicSpeed Bearings to vehicle wheel hubs.For chain-driven vehicles, even the chain friction can be reduced by means of CeramicSpeed UFO technology.

Wheel Hub Upgrades

CeramicSpeed Bearings for wheel hubs

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