Ceramic Balls

CeramicSpeed Bearings are built with ceramic balls. Whilst ceramic might give the impression of fragile porcelain – this is a different ball game.

Our balls are made of the highest quality Grade 3 Silicon Nitride, featuring the highest achievable surface finish and roundness. CeramicSpeed Balls feature unparalleled impact strength, smoothness and roundness – which determines the performance and lifetime of a bearing.

In motorsport disciplines, the quality of the balls is crucial for the bearing’s ability to resist impact when placed in the wheel hubs or cause fast accelerations when placed in an engine

Due to the surface of the balls and their ability to resist impact, CeramicSpeed Balls – and therefore CeramicSpeed Bearings – perform better than the rest. After 600 hours of testing, a CeramicSpeed Ball is in perfect condition, compared to other ceramic balls where the surface is rough and rugged after only 10 hours. Consequently, a ball with a rough surface creates increased friction and wears the races of the bearing down quickly.

CeramicSpeed Balls vs. Steel Balls

This picture shows two ¼" (6.35 mm) balls. The one to the left is a CeramicSpeed Ball and the one to the right is a standard steel ball. We applied the same pressure to both balls and the result is clear; the steel ball simply cracked under the load, while the CeramicSpeed Ball is 100% intact and perfectly usable.

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