KTM Motocross

Two-Wheel Racing in Tough Conditions

Our case study on Engine Bearings has shown that a KTM Motocross Bike has experienced increased power and longer service life after upgrading with CeramicSpeed Engine Bearings.

With a CeramicSpeed Bearing upgrade for the engine crankshaft, the team has increased the engine service interval from 60 hours to 90 hours - now comprising a full season.

On top of this primary goal, engine power has risen from 21 HP measured on the rear wheel with original bearings to now 23,5 HP due to the reduced friction of the CeramicSpeed Bearings. Finally, the drivability of the engine has improved significantly with a work zone now expanding all the way from 9000 rpm until the maximum 13000 rpm.

Engine Upgrades

Making a difference for you engine

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The Coated Advantage

The solution combines a locating CeramicSpeed Hybrid Ball Bearing with a floating CeramicSpeed Xtreme Roller Bearing. Where the ball bearing is equipped with Class I silicon nitride balls, the rolling elements of the roller bearings are still in chromium steel, but with a CeramicSpeed HardCoat coating.

This reduces friction and increases wear stability to the level of modern ceramic materials.

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