Optimize engines with a CeramicSpeed Bearing upgrade

Increase acceleration and improve drivability

When upgrading an engine with a CeramicSpeed Bearing, engine performance will benefit greatly from lower rotating weight, increased stiffness, and reduced internal friction. As a driver, you will experience faster acceleration, more power and improved drivability.

With a CeramicSpeed Bearing the coefficient thermal
expansion of the balls is reduced by 25%, due to the
unique ceramics in our premium-quality balls. This means
less need for play in the bearing, and a bearing with less
play is a more precise bearing that performs better and
lasts longer.

The CeramicSpeed Balls used in all our bearings are proven to be 4 times smoother than a steel ball, which puts them into a league of their own when it comes to reduced friction in the bearing. And a bearing that is exposed to less friction will have an increased lifetime. Within the go-kart and motocross disciplines that use ball bearings in the engines, this can mean remarkably less engine bearing replacements and service.

Ceramic Balls

Not all ceramic balls are created equally

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KTM Motocross experienced increased power and longer service life as result of an engine bearing upgrade

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