TUFast Eco Team

One of the most efficient prototypes worldwide

Tufast Eco Teams’ mission is to design and build an energy efficient Urban Concept vehicle and to participate at efficiency competitions throughout Europe, such as the Shell Eco-marathon.

The team consists of about 50 students from various academic fields and is a good opportunity for highly motivated students to get hands-on experience in developing high-efficient vehicles and actively engage in the latest developments in electric mobility.

Every year, the team develops a completely new vehicle for the prototype class and competes very successfully at various European competitions. During 2016, the team succeeded in winning the Battery Electric Prototype Category along with the Grand Prix des vehicules Prototypes at the EducEco in France with their car eLi16.

The Ceramic Balls & CeramicSpeed Balls

Not all ceramic balls are created equal

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By changing standard bearings with CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings the team experienced bearings which are ideally suited for high-end range of motors. They are fitted with premium-quality ceramic (Si3N4) balls which are 2 times harder than steel and 4 times smoother. Due to this, the bearings have a much lower friction coefficient which reduces bearing temperatures and hence reduces power consumption in the motor.

By using CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings the team experienced that the eLi16 car was rolling like no other car on the track which also led them to the 1st Place and an astonishing result of 1400km/kWh (which equals to app. 12200km/l Super Plus95).