The bearings used in a suspension doesn’t make elements turn around, instead, they make them move up and down. A movement that requires a lot from the bearing and demands low friction and high impact-resistance.

What goes up must come down

With a low-friction CeramicSpeed Bearing, the suspension can move even faster and thereby recreate contact with the road or track faster than with a high-friction steel bearing. This means that time lost “in the air” decreases and in practice, this means saved seconds.

Doubling service life

Just like the bearings used in wheel hubs, bearings used for suspension are under a high amount of pressure and impact from elements moving up-and-down. A traditional steel bearing will diminish under this pressure. A CeramicSpeed Bearing, however, can resist high impact due to the nature of its composition, raising the standard of impact-resistance, and doubling the service-life, particularly in a high-pressure application like suspension.