Bjarne Pedersen Motorsport

Maximum clutch performance

Bjarne Pedersen Motorsport achieved a remarkable increase in both driver experience and bike performance after replacing standard bearings with CeramicSpeed Bearings.

The functionality of the clutch on a speedway bike has an enormous impact on both the driver experience and the drivers' performance at the start of a race.

The clutch on a speedway bike is a “dry clutch” without any oil surrounding the bearings to protect them from dust, oil or fragments from the track surface etc. The challenge is to get the clutch to perform its best under these severe conditions.

Bringing Transmission to a new level

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Designed for severe conditions

CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings are designed for these kind of extreme conditions. The ceramic balls in our bearings tolerate a much higher degree of contamination, compared to standard bearings, since the hardness of the ball will crush the incoming particles that otherwise penetrate the bearing races - preventing the bearing to get damaged.

After upgrading the bike with CeramicSpeed Bearings, Bjarne Pedersen Motorsport experienced a doubling in the service life of the bearings - along with an improved clutch performance. This means that the clutch is no longer challenged when working in both high and low temperatures. In addition to this, the team now has a much better driver experience which has increased their chances of finishing even more races at the podium. 

Technical Highlights

Bearing environment: Average cleanliness oil sump, high load, highly dynamic environment

Bearing temperature: 90-1100C

Rotation speed: 6000 rpm