Circuit Racing

The friction coefficient for dry steel is 4 times higher (0.8) than for hardened steel against ceramic (0.2). A low friction bearing can improve the performance of the wheel hubs on a Circuit Racing car to an extent whereby the top speed will increase by a minimum of 2 km/h.

CeramicSpeed Bearings are known for their extremely low friction performance, due to the use of CeramicSpeed Balls with unmatched hardness and smoothness. Replacing the wheel hub bearings with CeramicSpeed Bearings will lead to a combination of low friction coefficient and reduced bearing temperature. This will lead to increased top speed.

Increasing Top Speed With No Extra Horsepower

A CeramicSpeed Wheel Hub Bearing upgrade can increase the top speed to an extent that is usually only possible if an extra 4-5 HP is being added to the engine

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