Protecting the clutch

A Speedway Bike is exposed to all kinds of contamination and must perform at its best even under severe conditions. The clutch, in particular, is under a lot of pressure, challenged with exposure to dirt, oil and mud from the track.

Standard bearings mounted in the clutch will lose the battle to these massive amounts of contamination, allowing incoming particles to penetrate the bearing race and cause damaging effects to the bearing itself. By mounting a CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearing in the dryclutch will make a remarkable difference.

All CeramicSpeed Bearings are built with CeramicSpeed Balls that are made from premium Grade 3 Silicon Nitride. These balls are of an extreme hardness which will eliminate incoming particles and prevent any damage to the bearing.

Bjarne Pedersen Motorsport

Learn more about how a CeramicSpeed upgrade meant both a doubling in service life and an improved clutch performance for Bjarne Pedersen Motorsport.

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