Faster than the rest

CeramicSpeed is founded and built on a sportsman’s desire to achieve and maintain the highest possible speed. When Jacob Csizmadia broke the World record for 24-hour inline skating in 1998, it was on ceramic bearings. He believed he could produce bearings with a longer lifetime and less friction than what he used for breaking records - so he started developing ceramic bearings. Two years later, he introduced CeramicSpeed Bearings to professional cycling.

Since 2004, CeramicSpeed has grown from strength-to-strength and are today cycling industry leaders in drivetrain efficiency. In 2014 we expanded into industrial applications, delivering bearings to global manufacturing companies across an array of sectors. 

Over the last few years, we have been delivering an increasing amount of bearings to the motorsport industry, and as a result, we officially launched a Motorsport division of CeramicSpeed. So far, the results speak for themselves and we believe that motorsport disciplines can benefit from our low-friction and long-life ceramic bearings, just as the cycling industry has done for more than a decade.