Super Bike

Higher Top Speed and Improved Accelleration

Anders Lilja Racing has experienced improved acceleration and increased top speed with CeramicSpeed Gearbox and Wheel Bearings.

Anders Lilja Racing started back in 1983 and therefore holds many years of experience and titles within road racing. The team has learned throughout the years, how every little detail can have a huge impact on how a race turns out.

In this kind of sport every tenth of a second counts. It can mean a difference of winning or losing if it takes too long to change gears. On this kind of bike, there is a presenttime on the sensor which switches off the ignition so the gearbox can change gear without the rider letting go of the throttle. By changing the bearings in the gearrolls to CeramicSpeed Bearings, Anders Lilja Racing has experienced how the gearbox rolls a lot smoother. This caused them to changing the sensor to a shorter time (from 80 ms to 40 ms). This has resulted in improved acceleration between the curves on track.

Anders Lilja Racing is also using CeramicSpeed Wheel Bearings to increase their top speed. By replacing standard bearings with CeramicSpeed Hybrid Bearings they have experienced a significant difference when it comes to speed over 200 km/h. They have measured an increase of up to 8 km/h during almost 500 laps on different laps with an average increase of all laps on 5 km/h.